Council recruit dreams big

Broken Hill City Council’s new Economic Development Officer Bailey Sparrow says he is keen to see projects come to life in town.

Last November, Mr Sparrow joined the Council staff and has started to settle into the role after officially relocating from Newcastle earlier this month.

Before moving to the Silver City, he completed a bachelor’s degree in business and said the transition into the workforce was smooth.

“It’s been very good so far,” Mr Sparrow said. “It was actually a lot easier than I was expecting.

“You hear a lot of people saying their studies weren’t related to their work, but that wasn’t the case here.”


As an Economic Development Officer, his position consists of identifying and applying for funds through the State and Federal Governments to support local projects and programs.

Mr Sparrow said the grant application process does depend on what is being applied for and admitted some pressure does come with the job.

“For some of the smaller ones, it’s basically filling in information,” he said.

“For the larger ones, there’s a lot of evidence that needs to be submitted proving the eligibility, demonstrating the value of why we should receive the grant.

“The knowledge that if I mess up some very big projects will not come to fruition, so there is a bit of pressure there.”

Grants are aligned with the Council’s Strategic Plan and advocacy strategies and are also able to support projects endorsed by the Councillors.\

Mr Sparrow was employed to fill the position as part of a department expansion and works alongside two colleagues.

“Seeing the work you do come to fruition into a large project and seeing it finalised is always pretty satisfying – I think everyone enjoys that,” he said.

State Government funds have been secured to go towards the small business month event in March, with other capital being sought for electric vehicle projects.

Outside of the office, Mr Sparrow spends time with his dog and has fun with leisure hobbies like restoration work on old furniture and tools.

He said he has “loved it” so far in Broken Hill after he adapted to the country lifestyle.

“Small towns have shown their value to me,” Mr Sparrow said. “I don’t think I could ever go back to a city.”

“I was a little bit sceptical but definitely on that boat of loving it here.”

He is eager to work with Mayor Kennedy and his team to reach short term goals and help lay the foundation for future plans.

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