Concrete Help for Meals on Wheels

Ray and Diann Sinclair show Doug Coff the new concrete.

Meals on Wheels Broken Hill has received much needed funds to upgrade the parking and delivery area of their kitchens on Beryl Street.

The $16,896 project cost was way out of reach for the self-funded not-for-profit organisation so they applied for funding through the Broken Hill City Council Community Assistance fund.

Ray Sinclair, president of the Broken Hill branch, said the condition of the driveway was becoming very dangerous with large holes in the old bitumen surface.

“We applied to the council for a Community Assistance grant, we just submitted the forms and Broken Hill Council did the rest for us.

“The grant came to $8412 so it was still a little short, but I think the council must have spoken to the Clubs and the shortfall was made up by the Sturt Club of Broken Hill and the Musicians Club, who came up with the extra $8500.


“Being a completely self-funded not-for-profit we rely on donations and grants from organisations and individuals.

“Lions Club, Rotary, and the Shorty O’Neill Village social club are just a few of the many people that help us with donations.

“We charge $9 per meal, which includes a sweet and is delivered daily, and frozen meals for weekends,” Mr Sinclair said

Branch Treasurer, Diann Sinclair said that all the volunteers do the deliveries using their own car and fuel, with no reimbursement.

Completed last month the project took about two weeks from the digging of the footings to being ready to use.

Providing up to 380 meals each week, the 50 or so volunteers work in a number of roles to get the meals to those that need them.

The kitchen crew starts at 6am and has all the meals ready for delivery by 9am.

Doug Coff, from the Broken Hill Sturt Club, said that as part of the club grants requirement they are always looking for great community projects.

“Meals on Wheels does a fantastic job around town and to be able to assist them with their driveway, it was a no brainer.

“After the application went to council the council then notifies us of any applications that come through and meet certain criteria and we jump on board that way,” Mr Coff said.

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