Compound for the Faithful

Adrian Bennet arms the turret at the gate of the compound. PICTURE: OTIS FILLEY

Fuel prices getting you down? Feeling like you might need to begin protecting your gas from road marauders, rag-tag gangs, and roving berserkers?

Mad Max enthusiasts will get the opportunity to play protectors of the incredibly valuable substance from inside a replica of the 1981 Mad Max 2 compound next weekend.

The Silverton Collective, a group of Mad Max franchise enthusiasts, will meet on the 18th 19th and 20th of March for a full weekend of their Biennial celebrations.

Mad Max Museum owner Adrian Bennet said that he first started with the idea of building the compound two years ago.

“Jokingly, I said to Petah and Duncan, who own the property, that I could build a compound here.”


“They said if you want to build it here, go ahead.”

Mr Bennet said that the original idea was to put something up in a couple of weeks but that the project kept growing as other people added ideas and donated parts.

“We arranged to have some tyres dropped off and then just started to build on that.”

“The original plan was just to have something similar to the film, but then it got to the point where I thought, well, I’ve started now, so I might as well just put in all the things you see in the film.”

The compound includes everything from a working fuel pump, a Seven Sisters style oil tanker, a bus gate, galvanised water pipes, and a tyre barricade with a flame thrower and crossbow turrets.

Mr Bennet said that the compound is fully equipped with solar lighting and can act as a campsite for the fans next weekend as well as beyond the event into the future.

“It’s another attraction for Silverton, he said.

“Fans can come and see what the compound was like.”

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