Coffee Dream Materialises

Since July, Giovanni and Co.’s coffee truck has been a fixture at events around the Silver City. Whether it’s markets, schools, or sporting events – if you wanted the best coffee in the Hill, you had to track down their blue truck. But not anymore…

That’s because this coming Monday, on December 4, Giovanni and Co. will be launching the soft opening of their brick-and-mortar store, located at 135 Oxide Street.

The site required a lot of work, and Ms. Hughes’ father single-handedly transformed the vacant premises into a beautiful coffee shop. “He (John Giovanni) single-handedly built the whole place. I’d love to thank him for all the hours he has put into the place. It just looks incredible,” Ms. Hughes told the Truth.

Opening this store has been a long-term dream of owner Abigail Hughes, and Ms. Hughes is quick to praise the Broken Hill community for fast-tracking her dream into reality. “The community has welcomed us with open arms and really taken our product and us as people on board. It has always been the ultimate goal. We didn’t realise it would happen so quickly. The support of this community has made this financially possible through their support of the truck.”

Ms. Hughes will be adding Italian-style cakes and pastries to the menu, with a view to introducing more products throughout 2024. “We’re going to start small with some smaller Italian and Continental-style pastries, cakes, sweets, things like that. Then, in the new year, we look to bring in Italian-style panini, ciabatta rolls, savoury lunch items, all small grab-and-go kind of lunch items.

“Looking further down the track, we really want to bring an Italian continental pantry, things that are affordable and accessible, from our table to yours. Not just your pasta and your passata, but also your spices and your more specialized Italian pantry items that you can’t really just pick up at the grocery store,” Ms. Hughes told the Truth.

The famous blue and white truck won’t be going anywhere, but it might be a bit of a rarer sight as we head into 2024. “We will likely focus on the bigger community events. Definitely the monthly markets, the bigger sporting events, things like that. We hope that people will come here to grab their regular orders.”

The soft launch occurs this coming Monday. Once the busy festive period is out of the way, Ms. Hughes hopes to hit the ground running in 2024 with regular opening hours Monday to Friday, 7am-2pm.

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