Clontarf awards at Broken Hill High

Thursday night was special for a group of Broken Hill High students enrolled in the Clontarf Foundation program as its awards evening came around.

The Clontarf Foundation uses a unique, innovative and highly successful approach to target one of the most at-risk groups in contemporary Australian society – young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men.

Using the existing passion that these boys have for sport allows Clontarf to initially attract them to school, and then keep them coming.

It is, however, not a sporting program – it’s about developing the values, skills and abilities that will assist the boys to transition into meaningful employment and achieve better life outcomes.

The Foundation partners with schools and communities to create Clontarf academies which are embedded within the school grounds and education program.

Aiden Petite, from Broken Hill Clontarf, said the organisation has been based at Broken Hill High School since 2016.

“We are currently sitting at about 45 boys in the program. Our day-to-day job is to get the boys to school to get an education.

“There are incentives with camps and afternoon activities, and we also assist in helping the boy’s gain employment.

“One of the big activities the boys are into is their basketball, so morning trainings are a big thing that we do as part of Clontarf. The boys like to show their skills up on the basketball court.

“Training twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays that is something imbedded in our program.

“We start picking the boys up around 6.45am and with a 45-minute bus run we all meet at the school at 7.30, then train for 45 minutes.

“The boys hit the showers and there is always breakfast, whether that is a hot or cold breakfast so that is always an incentive to get the boys up early and that also helps to prepare them for work later on once they finish school.

“We also have a few rugby stars that hit the training track pretty hard,” Mr Petite said.

Thursday’s award ceremony was held in the Teacher’s Common Room at the high school and the awards included, Principal’s Award, Academy Member of the Year, Clontarf Spirit Award, Academic

Awards and Attendance Awards.

And the winners were…

Academic Award – Tristan Chapman

Sportsman of the Year – Riley Fettell

Top Artist – Christo Prentos

Attendance – Bryce Bottrell

Training – Ezekiel Wonson

Principal’s Award – Christo Prentos

Clontarf Spirit Award – Henry Crowe

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