Chris loves his new V8 sports wheels

Chris Schmidt with his new Ford Mustang GT worth $73K. PICUTRE: ANDREW LODIONG

Broken Hill resident Chris Schmidt is now the proud owner of a 2021 Ford Mustang GT.

He was the lucky winner of the Musician Club’s major prize that was drawn last weekend.

Chris, 37, said he was in shock when he was told his name was picked out of the barrel.

“I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “I bought my ticket a while ago, and everyone has been waiting patiently to see the winner.”

His name has been sitting in the mix since about January.

The news quickly spread around town, and his phone rang off the hook when the Club announced it through a social media post on Saturday.

“They knew about twenty minutes after,” Chris said. “Facebook is good for that.”

The winner of the car, worth about $73,000, picked up his new wheels on Monday and has already been enjoying the ride.

“I still didn’t believe it until I got behind the wheel and drove it myself,” Chris said.

He said it’s a “very big change” from driving his Toyota Hilux that he uses to get to and from work.

Chris said he’s still reading over the handbook but really admires the vehicle’s interior features, functions, and, of course, engine sound.

“I’d like to drive it everywhere but fuel prices these days,” he joked.

Initially, he planned to drive it for a year but has rethought that and might hang onto it a little longer.

“I would never buy one if I had the money, I’d rather buy a house, but it’s wonderful,” Chris said.

“I told myself I’d sell it, but now I really want to keep it.”

Since getting the keys handed over to him, he has already taken some of his mates for a spin.

Chris said he might go on a road trip to Mildura over the Easter weekend and is keen to keep his winning streak alive in future competitions.

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