Childrens’ Memorial Garden Sculpture set for installation

After 26 years, the Broken Hill Children’s Cemetery will finally have its sculpture.

In 1996 a Trust was formed set-up a Children’s Memorial Garden at the Broken Hill Cemetery to provide a pleasant gentle area of the cemetery, especially for children.

The approval for the cemetery sculpture was agreed to in 1996 but it took till the last council meeting in August for the sculpture to be finally passed.

The Memorial Garden is surrounded by a picket fence and a brick façade with alcoves in the wall for urns containing ashes.

A circular brick shadow box is in the western corner of the garden where the sculpture is meant to sit.


The sculpture was designed by Marie Hart and former Head Teacher of TAFE Metal Fabrication, Ray Johnston.

The sculpture is made from copper, stainless steel and marble and is an abstract representation of a woman with coloured marble pieces representing children

Many local tradespeople and businesses donated materials and labour to create sculptures depicting Ms Hart’s design.

That Council accepted the donation of the Children’s Memorial sculpture on behalf of the community of Broken Hill and the sculpture will be installed in the circular brickwork shadow box within the Children’s Memorial Garden.

No date has been set yet for the install.

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