Check your smoke alarms

Broken Hill Legacy Club’s Mark Winen (centre) with Fire and Rescue NSW crew Joel Bartley (left), Geoff Lehman, Saraiha Rakete and Don Peters. PICTURE: ANDREW LODIONG

Broken Hill residents are reminded to check smoke alarms to ensure they are in working condition.

The local Legacy branch has supplied a list of 40 widows in town to the Central fire brigade to have their alarms tested and updated.

“We do a smoke alarm review every year,” Legacy committee member Mark Winen said.

“The firies go around for us and check our widows’ homes.

“The main concern is to make sure their fire smoke alarms are in the right position, working and the batteries are up to date.”


Mr Winen said the widows enjoy the visit from the firefighters and appreciate the assistance they provide.

The Legacy club can help widows get special devices for those who are hearing impaired.

Fire and Rescue NSW’s Don Peters said the checks resemble its home fire safety program for community members.

“We can go around and change peoples’ smoke alarms,” he said.

“Anybody that’s elderly or incapable of climbing a ladder, we can go up and change the batteries of their smoke alarms.

“We also supply smoke alarms to people that own their own house but unable to get one.”

Mr Peters said it can be easy for people to forget to check smoke alarms and reiterated its importance.

“One of the things of a smoke alarm is that it gives you early warning whether you have a fire in your house and lets you escape,” he said.

“They’re mainly there to wake you up when you’re asleep. That’s why we are pushing for people to get working smoke alarms in their houses.

“It’s surprising how many people have them sitting open with no batteries in them or not working at all.”

He urged the public to use the daylight savings time shift as a reminder to mark it off the to-do list.

Fire and Rescue NSW crews can also check the home for other safety issues to identify potential hazards.

For more information or to book a check, contact the Central station on (08) 8087 2233 or the South station on (08) 8087 4419.

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