Changemaker Workshops coming to the city

The Australian Rural Leadership Foundation have announced a series of “Changemaker Workshops” to be held throughout Far Western NSW in the first half of 2024.

Buronga will be the first town to host a workshop on March 14th and 15th, with workshops being planned for Broken Hill in May and July. White Cliffs and Cobar should also see similar workshops being conducted in May.

The workshops have been funded by the Future Drought Fund, which is administered by the Community Impact Grant under the Helping Regional Communities Prepare for Drought Initiative.

ARLF Chief Executive Matt Linnegar said “the ARLF has been the pre-eminent provider of leadership development in rural, regional and remote Australia for 30 years with more than 2,500 alumni in all parts of the country and beyond.”

More than 126 leadership programs have been delivered by the foundation since its inception. With this experience, the foundation is now branching out with programs such as the changemaker workshop to maximise their impact and benefit in rural and regional communities.

A statement from the ARLF noted that “the 2-day [changemaker] workshop is a key ingredient to building leadership capacity and stronger networks within our community.

“The workshop aims to foster self-awareness, community engagement, resilience, leadership skills, and the ability to create positive change while considering diverse perspectives and community well-being,” the statement added.

Individuals are now being invited to consider attending a workshop when they become available, provided those individuals meet the criteria of having “a strong desire to drive meaningful change within their community, [and] an interest in finding innovative solutions for complex community challenges.”

Further criteria requiring individuals to have “a commitment to exploring new avenues and approaches for building a thriving community, [and] an interest in driving local action to effectively prepare for drought,” is also necessary for participants to ensure they gain the greatest benefit from the workshop.

Gem Rostron, who as part of the ARLF visited Broken Hill in October, said those who have a “focus on becoming a changemaker in the community,” should attend the workshop.

She went on to add that the workshops will provide participants with the “practical knowledge, skills, and insights to help individuals create meaningful and lasting change in their communities while fostering a sense of care and inclusion.”

For those towns where workshops are already booked in, interested people can sign up at, and people can express their interest at

The local contact for the region is Louise Turner from Western Landcare, who can be contacted via email at [email protected].

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