Cars Easy Prey

Cars are easy prey for thieves in Broken Hill.

Numerous people have reported on Facebook and to the police regarding what seems to be a wave of car crime this summer.

On Broken Hill Crime Watch Locals have been calling for help in nabbing thieves who have been caught on camera stealing from cars.

Last week the Red Earth Motel was subject to an attack on three or more vehicles with windows smashed to gain entry and steal from tourists’ cars.

Another person reported on Facebook that in the early hours of Tuesday morning, in Thomas Lane, near the hospital, his car window was smashed and glass scattered throughout the car.


Three youths were caught on camera in the area at the time.

One person reported shop owners having trouble with a specific group of young people in town who are causing problems in shops.

Whilst many people have been caught on camera another person admitted that it is very hard to recognise who they are as they wear their hoodies up and have face masks on.

Another person recorded an individual go to his car, test out the doors till he found one unlocked then reach in and take items from the front seat.

Inspector Smith of the Barrier Police said, “The simple message is don’t leave it in the car.”

She added that cars should always be locked when not in use,

“If you do have to leave something in the car, place the item out of sight and make sure you lock the vehicle.”

She also added that in the case of cars parked in driveways keep them locked and have sensor lighting in driveway.

She said one of the biggest targets is tradies vehicles.

The Barrier Police Facebook page also has the reminder ‘Lock it, take it or lose it.’

To view these events online and see if you can recognise the individuals go to Broken Hill Crime Watch (public group).

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