Cabbage prices you can’t wrap your head around

By Stuart Kavanagh

It used to be one of the least expensive veggies but the humble cabbage is on the way up with one supermarket pricing them at $14.99 each.

 If you’ve been to the fruit and veg section of the supermarket recently, you’ll know plenty of prices are on the up, but one veggie seems to have had a crazy price hike – it’s enough to give you a sauerkraut taste in your mouth.

The humble cabbage has usurped lettuce as the veggie with the most exorbitant rise in its price in supermarkets around the country. A shopper in the western suburb of Sydney in Merrylands snapped a picture of a store in the local Stockland’s mall charging an unbe-leaf-able $14.99 per cabbage on Tuesday.

We haven’t escaped the price rise locally. Coles on Galena Street have them on sale for $6.20. Not quite $15, but still on the high side, and Woolworths Broken Hill is asking $8.90 for either standard or a Chinese cabbage.

The tremendous rise in the cost of fruit and veg can be attributed to several factors. The war in Ukraine has squeezed the fruit and veg industry; rising fuel and fertiliser costs are some of the main contributing factors


With prices set to remain around this level for the foreseeable future, coleslaw, sauerkraut, cabbage soup, and Ki-Si-Min might have to stay off the menu until prices settle.

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