Bushy Characters add Colour to Yard

When Brenton Martin retired from a life spent on sheep stations at 67, he was confronted with having to find something to keep himself busy for the first time in his life.

His first project became restoring vintage trucks, of which he now has a collection in his garage.

“Some of the Trucks are over 100 years old”, Said Mr Martin.

“This one was on a sheep station; I asked the owners if they would sell it, they said they would sell it for two hundred dollars, I have never got money out as fast as that.”

Mr Martin said that whilst some of the trucks are just to look at others are registered and ready for a drive down the road.


“That one is an American truck, I’ve driven this one to Silverton.”

Mr Martin said that whilst he still spends time in the garage, turning eighty has seen him spend less time in the back and more time in the front yard, which he has been bringing to life with colourful hand painted bush characters.

“I wanted a bit of the bush to follow me into town.”

“It’s just there to look at, it’s not there for a reason I just wanted to make it a bit lighter, a lot of people do comment on it,” he said.

“It still needs two more Galahs. There is a bloke in town who makes the Galahs.”

Dot Pedler who reconvened with Brenton 3 years ago after nearly 50 years without seeing each other, said that as someone who loves the bush, the animals in the front yard add a great energy that is enjoyed by all the neighbours.

“Brenton and I went to primary and secondary school in Berri a little town not far from Renmark, then he went to go on his father’s sheep station, we went our different ways and met 50 years later at a funeral as you do.”

“I’ve always loved outside type things, I lived on a fruit block and then moved, my husband passed away a few years ago, it’s just a vacant block now, emus, kangaroos, foxes, I just love being out bush.”

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