Dawe awarded second Buffalo degree

The Broken Hill chapter of the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes, commonly known as Buffalo Lodge, has awarded member Graham Dawe his second degree.

In a meeting of pomp and ceremony, Mr Dawe was awarded his Second Degree, after the Sub Certifying Council approved Mr Dawe’s nomination.

The awarding of a degree is a rare event at the Lodge, with the last one awarded to Desmond Stone back in March.

Buffalo Bruce Chesterfield told the Barrier Truth that for members to be eligible for their second degree, they are required to sit before the Sub Certifying Council and answer questions relating to lodge history and meeting procedure.

“Holders of the lodge’s second degree and above sit on the Sub Certifying Council,” Mr Chesterfield added.

Once a member has answered the Sub Certifying Council’s questions, the Council then deliberate on the level of knowledge and confidence of the applicant, and then ultimately decide whether to award the degree.

“Once a member achieves their second degree, we put them in the Royal Chair and they are taught more, such as being asked to run meetings and perform ceremonies,” Mr Chesterfield said.

He went on to say that the days of requiring members to know everything off the top of their heads were gone, because members didn’t have the time to commit every procedure and rule to memory.

The degree structure for the Buffalo Lodge is fairly straightforward; members are encouraged to sit for their second degree and are given appropriate books and resources for study 12 months after becoming a ‘brother’.

After holding their second degree for three years, they become eligible for their third degree, as was the case for Mr Stone in March.

After holding their third degree for five years, members are eligible to sit for their fourth.

Mr Dawe has been in the Lodge for about a year, but he told us, “I should have been in it 30 years ago”.

The camaraderie is the reason he joined the Lodge, he says.

Mr Chesterfield says the lodge is actively seeking new members. He asks those who are interested in membership, or have questions, to contact him on 0429 685 444.

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