It’s on – independent review of Broken Hill land values

Regular readers will remember our story on criticism and calls for action over widely varying land values across the Silver City, with some councillors and residents slamming the Valuer General’s most recent land values.

As the amount of rates paid by each household is directly linked to land value, the large variance in land value could cause further inequality in rates paid by each household.

In July 2022 the Valuer General completed a review of Broken Hill, which revealed property value changes ranging from a whopping increase of 464%, through to some properties reducing in value by 26%, often with no apparent logic.

Well, the pleas for another look at those values seems to have worked. Today the Valuer General announced an independent review of land values across Broken Hill.

But while the news is welcome there’s no quick fix.

“Although we can’t change the impact of the land values on the coming financial year, we can fight to increase equality in the years to come,” said Mayor Tom Kennedy.

Council had lodged a city-wide objection to the 2022 valuations and a Council delegation held a meeting with the Valuer General in February to discuss the issue.

A follow-up meeting was held with Council’s Executive, councillors, and the Valuer General last week, and the independent review was confirmed following the meeting.

Mayor Tom Kennedy said the independent review was a step in the right direction.

“We’re really pleased with this outcome, hopefully an independent review can help level the playing field with regards to land values in the long term,” he said.

“This is an important issue for locals and for our Council, and we’re glad the Valuer General has taken that on board and is looking into it,” he said.

“We understand land values are a complex issue and that the Valuer General has their own rules and restraints they must operate around, but it’s pleasing to see that they’re willing to investigate possible solutions for our city.”

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