Broken Hill in 2021

Broken Hills typical person is a 44 year old female, born in Australia to Australian parents, living with another person and she is of no particular faith.

She lives in a 3 bedroom home, which she probably owns, and has a car.

The 2021 census has finally had its first release giving us a one year old update on our towns make up.

Our population should be rising in the near future with Hawsons and Cobalt Blue coming on line but in the 2021 Census Broken Hill’s population was 17,588, only 240 less than the census in 2016.

The median age on census night was 44 (median is the midpoint in the ages rather than the average), a year younger than 2016.


There are 8,565 males and 9,007 females in Broken Hill.

Our weekly household income has risen from $968 to $1,173, a rise just above 2 per cent over five years unfortunately the Australian inflation rate was 3.34 so we are one per cent worse off.

There are 9,551 houses, nine less than in 2016, with 7,308 occupied and 1528* unoccupied (*or with a visitor).

Each home has an average of 2.2 people residing in them and families have an average of 2.2 children.

15,119 or 85 per cent of Broken Hillians were born in Australia, nationally 70 per cent of all Australians were born overseas.

Even more amazing, 80 per cent of Broken Hill parents were born in Australia compared to the national average of 51 per cent.

The 2021 Census counted nearly 25.5 million people (25,422,788) in Australia, excluding overseas visitors, on Census night. This is an increase of over two million people (2,020,896), or 8.6 per cent, since the 2016 Census NSW remains the highest populated state with 8,702,163 people and (for those of us who prefer) South Australia has 1,1781,516 people.

66.9 per cent of people counted were in Greater Capital Cities and 33.1 per cent of Australians lived in the rest of Australia.

Sydney remains the largest city in Australia with 5.2 million people, followed by Melbourne with 4.9 million people and Brisbane with 2.5 million residents.

International border restrictions were in place and the 2021 Census counted 61,860 overseas visitors, significantly less than the 315,531 in 2016.

The median age of all Australians remains at 38 (BH 44) years in 2021.

Males make up 49.3 per cent of the population with a median age of 37 years and females make up 50.7 per cent with a median age of 39 years.

Australia is undergoing a significant generational shift
Baby Boomers (1946-64) and Millennials (1981-96) each have over 5.4 million people, with only 5,662 more Baby Boomers than Millennials counted on August 10th 2021.

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