Broken Hill go-kart club fires up

Broken Hill Go-Kart Club hosted its first public meeting since the pandemic. However, old power struggles were quick to emerge, to the disappointment of many attendees, especially newcomers. Despite the tension, past executives agreed to step down, sparking hopes for a fresh start.

The meeting began at 7pm, half an hour earlier than scheduled, with former executives already arguing old issues, creating a tense start to the event. Though it was acknowledged that an Annual General Meeting (AGM) requires official protocol, including 30 days’ notice, confusion persisted about the process for rebuilding the club.

Around 40 spectators witnessed the raucous exchange at Gloria Jeans on Wednesday night, August 2. One frustrated ex-member broke the tension saying, “is this club going to move forward or are we going to be scratching around back to where we were four years ago? If it’s going to be like it was four years ago, I’m out, but if we want to start again, I’m here.”

A newcomer requested clarity on the candidates for future leadership, emphasising a lack of knowledge about those involved previously. “Can I just ask that someone investigate what our different options are with different groups and have that presented at an AGM? No offence, but we’ve come in today and voted on two guys [Dale Smith and Wayne Orr] who were involved previously but we don’t know anything about them. I suggest you guys nominate people you know and trust and give them a go,” he proposed.

Karting associations were discussed to identify the best option for Broken Hill region, but the conversation led to further conflict. A contentious loan, allegedly tied to the club, was brought up twice but dismissed quickly.

A fresh face suggested the club focus on teamwork to avoid destructive in-fighting. Another newcomer, Jane Hartney, proposed a strategy to manage conflict. The President’s sarcastic reply ignited further disagreements, pointing to poor communication as a root cause of the club’s issues.

Attendees agreed that the club ideally returns to being a family-orientated club with respectful communication between the adults who understand their primary role is to support young people to develop a range of skills, including sportsmanship, ethics, and emotional intelligence that is required for socially acceptable interactions with others.

We’ll be keeping the community up to date with information about the official process required for the Broken Hill Go-Kart Club to be re-established.

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