Broken Hill gathers for Miners Memorial

This Sunday, Broken Hill will come together to remember and pay tribute to miners who have lost their lives in mining accidents or due to mining-related diseases.

The annual Miners Memorial Service is scheduled to begin at 2pm at the Line of Lode, on October 8.

The Memorial Day was established to commemorate the tragic events of October 8, 1902.

On that fateful day, miners Thomas Jordan and Leopold Campbell were killed in what was then known as the Sulphide Mine, which is also referred to as the Central Mine.

Despite extensive search efforts, their bodies were never recovered.

A poignant memorial plaque honouring their memory can be seen alongside the road leading up to the main Memorial.

Chairman of the Heritage Committee, Councillor Darriea Turley will MC the event.

“It’s such an important time for our community to honour all those that have passed and those that have worked on the mine and to recognise that every morning when our miners would go to work, that their families would never know if they’d return,” Cllr Turley told the Barrier Truth.

“For that we should honour the hard work that they’ve done and honour their passing in such tragic circumstances.”

While the day has its roots in a tragedy from the early 20th century, the memorial service has since evolved to honour all miners who have been killed or have suffered fatal diseases linked to the mining industry.

The event aims to serve as a sombre reminder of the risks and sacrifices associated with mining, and to encourage continuous efforts in improving mine safety.

In addition to the main service, local historian Christine Adams will grace the occasion with a special poetry reading. Ms Adams, renowned for her deep insights into Broken Hill’s storied past, will recite verses that promise to bring both comfort and context to this solemn event.

The Miners Memorial Service is open to all, and residents are encouraged to attend to pay their respects and to remember the fallen.

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