BHCF donates $16.5k in equipment to Southern Cross Care

The Broken Hill Contribution Fund has donated more than $16,500 worth of equipment to Southern Cross Care for use by, and to help enhance the lives of, those who are looked after across the town’s aged care facilities.

Among the donated equipment includes three Heartsine 350P Wall Cabinet Bundle – Defibrillators, one Evolution Supreme Chair, and two Salsa Stand Lifters and standing transfer slings.

Broken Hill Contribution Fund Secretary, Raymond Sinclair, told the Barrier Truth the group use the interest the Fund makes each year to give back locally, and they’ve also donated items to other local institutions and organisations, including Broken Hill Hospital and Meals in Wheels in recent times.

“Just walking around there yesterday when they actually show you the items and what it’s going to be for, you can see how important it is to help them because it’s hard times for everybody now to get money and to get support,” Mr Sinclair said.

“We do it for other groups too if they’re involved in treatment of the elderly or the disabled or infirm, any of that sort of thing, usually we try and help.

“We’re all volunteers. We feel honoured to be on a Fund and be in charge of such an important thing. I can’t think how much money they’ve given to charities in Broken Hill over the years, but it would be a substantial amount.”

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