Eisteddfod Calls for Entries

by Dylan Stone

The schedule for the 52nd Annual Eisteddfod has now been released. It is available at Broken Hill Music on Oxide Street and at the Broken Hill Library.

This will be the Eisteddfods conducted in Broken Hill; a tradition upheld by the Broken Hill Eisteddfod Society every August. This year’s event will take place from the August 19-22 at the Broken Hill Musicians Club.

Registrations for performances are now open. Performers are invited to submit their entries to the society before June 16.

Merrilyn Podnar, the Publicity Officer of the society, highlighted that this year’s Eisteddfod categories include “piano, instrumental (such as guitars, brass instruments, percussion, or virtually any instrument), vocal, choral, and speech and drama.” The speech and drama category will also feature verse speaking choirs, Ms Podnar added.

Entries are crucial for the success of this year’s Eisteddfod. Ms Podnar urges individuals to “please participate in this year’s Eisteddfod and showcase your talent to Broken Hill.”

“We need to ensure we have enough entries so that the Eisteddfod not only runs successfully but is recognized as an event where performers can display their talents, and the audience can enjoy a truly skilled show.”

This year’s adjudicator is Jonathon Welch, known for his role as the Choir Master for ABC’s production The Choir of Hard Knocks. Welch is also a tenor singer, choir conductor, and vocal teacher.

In March, Ms Podnar shared with the Barrier Truth that the Eisteddfod experienced a slight decline in numbers during the Covid pandemic, “but we’re hoping that it will bounce back this time.”

The event’s success will depend on the number of entries the Society receives, as well as the number of people who attend the event in August. For any additional information, Ms Podnar can be contacted at 80877633 or [email protected].

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