Broken Hill COVID Update

Broken Hill is maintaining lower numbers than earlier this year, with 454 cases and 819 tests as of July 15.

COVID BA4 and 5 do not seem to have impacted Broken Hill as yet but have taken hold in the capital cities.

In Sydney, Omicron BA 5 has become the dominant form of COVID-19, going from 26 per cent of cases four weeks ago to 54 per cent now.


The new oral antiviral treatments help keep people out of the hospital, reducing the pressure on our health system and can save lives.


Minister for Health and Aged Care, Mark Butler said these oral antivirals dramatically reduce the risk of severe disease, particularly for older Australians and will help keep people out of hospital.

People who can receive antivirals include people who are 50 or over with two or more risk factors for severe disease, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people aged over 30 with two or more risk factors for severe disease, people aged over 70 and immunocompromised people over 18 may also be eligible.

All Australians aged over 70 who test positive for COVID-19 will be able to access antivirals on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

The antiviral treatments can be taken as a tablet or capsule, helping to stop COVID-19 infection from becoming severe but they need to be started as early as possible after testing positive.

People are encouraged to talk to their doctor about their COVID-19 treatment options.

Your doctor can help determine your exact eligibility.

“Speak to your GP and make a plan for what you will do if you get COVID, so you can start taking antivirals as soon as possible after your positive result.”  Minister Butler said.

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