Harvey and Cole bring Country tour to town

Broken Hill Country Music Concert

Country music artists Adam Harvey and Beccy Cole will be bringing their Great Country Songbook Volume III Tour to Broken Hill on Sunday, May 7 at the Broken Hill Civic Centre from 7pm.

Both have individually performed in the Silver City previously, but after two albums together – The Great Country Songbook Volume II and III – the pair are bringing the live performances to the stage, with Broken Hill one of the last stops on the country-wide tour that started back in September.

“It’s always great coming to Broken Hill, but it’s been a long time since we were there together. And this show is nearing the end of its run. By the time we get there, we would have been on the road for about 10 months with this show,” Beccy told us.

“It’s great because the show has really developed and taken some twists and turns and we’re loving where it’s at and it’ll be great to get back to outback NSW with it.”

“We’ve had a hell of a lot of fun, it’s been fantastic,” Adam added, “and we’re still taking to each other – it’s a miracle! We’re still getting on after about 50 shows and God knows how many thousands of kilometres, so that’s always nice.”

The pair met in Tamworth at the Country Music Festival, hit it off straight away, and the connection grew year on year, culminating in a relationship that feeds off each other’s energy in both music and in conversation, with all that translating into the live show.

“Bloody madness and mayhem! Two lunatics going at it on stage, basically,” Adam says when asked about what fans can expect from their performance.

“We do a little bit of our own stuff, but we sing a lot of duets and a lot of the classic country stuff off our latest duets album. People can expect to hear a whole stack of songs that they know and they’ve grown up singing.

“We certainly take the mickey out of one another quite a lot and there’s plenty of comedy in the show too. Bec’s got the same attitude that I have. If people can come along to a show and forget about all their cares and their dramas and the doom and gloom out there in the real world and escape for a few hours and have a good laugh and a sing along, then we’re doing our job.”

“I recognise the same attitude as me towards making sure a crowd is entertained and that’s a big thing we have in common,” says Beccy.

“We’ll stop at nothing and we want the crowd to be entertained.”

Tickets for the Sunday, May 7 show at the Broken Hill Civic Centre can be purchased via

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