Hypnotist Gerard V looking to en-trance audience

Broken Hill Comedy Hypnotist

Comedy hypnotist and entertainer, Gerard Verschuren – known by his stage name, Gerard V – is bringing his Comedy Hypnotist Show to the Silver City, performing at Theatre 44 on Saturday, April 29.

He’s been hypnotising audiences for almost 30 years, and Gerard is encouraging people to attend for a night of fun and laughter, while experiencing the power of the unconscious mind.

“The main thing people can expect is that my aim is that everybody has a good time,” he tells us.

“They can expect to be a little bit surprised about how that happens because, the way I do the show is a little bit different to what anybody would have seen before on TV. I do an opening presentation which looks like stand-up comedy, it’s really fun and engaging.

“Then, I’m going to ask for volunteers and we’ll see who rocks up on stage, I’ll hypnotise them – not everybody goes under, but most will – and then we’ll do some really silly gags. It’s funny, watching their mates do air guitar or your cousin doing Mary Had A Little Lamb in the style of death metal. It’s just amazing when you can see it happening to people that you know.”

This will be Gerard V’s first time in Broken Hill. He enjoys doing shows in smaller communities, “because there’s a good chance that everybody knows some of the people on stage”, making for additional enjoyment for those watching.

Gerard points out he, “doesn’t actually have control”, and it’s up to the individual about how much they’re willing to give to go into a trance.

“When a person’s hypnotised, what happens is, I offer the suggestions and you still have control about whether or not you follow them but you’re more likely to just go along with what I’m saying because it’s easier,” he said.

“And so I don’t really have control. I have influence. But I can’t make a person do anything that they really don’t want to do. If I could do that, I’d just go to the bank and make a withdrawal!”

To purchase tickets to Gerard V’s Comedy Hypnotist Show at Theatre 44 (189 Wills St) on Saturday, April 29, visit Tickets will also be available on the night – though people are encouraged to book in advance – with doors opening at 7pm and the show starting at 8pm.

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