Broken Hill Baptist Church Celebrates 134th Birthday

By Stuart Kavanagh

It is a special anniversary this weekend for a well-known local institution, as The Broken Hill Baptist Church celebrates its 134th birthday.

Pastor Diego Tabaquero, the Senior Pastor of the Church, is very excited about the significant milestone.

“At this anniversary celebration we will highlight God’s graciousness, goodness and faith-fullness,” he says.

“We have been through tough and challenging times. We would not have made it without God being there for us.”

The church was established in 1888 under the leadership of Rev. W Coller. It was no easy ride in the early days as it was tough and challenging as the frontier mining town faced challenges in its growth.


The church began with 26 founding members.

The Church has mirrored the town in many ways over the last 134 years, experiencing both the dizzying heights and crushing lows that the town has experienced during its lifetime.

In recent years, the Church has had some seriously challenging times. It was in its spiritual death throes prior to the appointment of Pastor Tabaquero in 2018.

“My heart went out to the handful of men and women struggling keep the Church alive and going,” Pastor Tabaquero said.

“Before I took over the small group gathered around a TV screen each Sunday morning to hear preaching of God’s word.

There was no other gathering. No other services were held in the week, nor were there other spiritual engagements with people carried out.”

After some hard work, Pastor Tabaquero began to turn the fortunes of the Church around. The church started to reach more people.

Attendance increased and bigger attendances brought in a more vibrant atmosphere.

“We began to see a multinational and a multigenerational congregation,” Pastor Tabaquero says.

“We aim to grow a bigger Church.

There is more to do: more people to reach, more disciples to mature, and more opportunities to expand our ministries.”

All in Broken Hill are invited to join this Anniversary Celebration at the church.

Free transportation is available. Simply call Pastor Diego at 0452-265-040 or Pastor Ruben at 0482-579-230 to arrange a ride.

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