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Meghan Millard

For the first time in over six months, Broken Hill Aquatic hit the road to head to a carnival.

Unfortunately, our Spring in the Outback Carnival which was to be held in November needed to be postponed due to border closures and will now be held February 26, meaning this was our first opportunity to take to the pool in an official capacity since the lifting of the lockdown.

On November 27-28, three swimmers travelled to the Irymple/Red Cliffs Carnival and did a fantastic job representing Broken Hill Aquatic for the first time.

This carnival is not one at which swimmers receive official times, however they gave it their all and achieved some fantastic results.

Well done to Alarni Harris, Syteva Harris and Nash Zammit-Harvey who between them took home 9 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze medals.


On the weekend of December 5, 22 swimmers and their families travelled to Mildura to take part in the 2021 Mildura Open.

Families arrived in Mildura in the days leading up to the carnival for some family time and Christmas shopping.

It was so heart-warming to watch our kids being kids again. We indulged in family dinners and took the Sunraysia Tenpin bowling by storm.

There may have been a few minor cuts and bumps in the splash park, but not enough to keep us down for long.

Sunday was carnival day. A big thank you to the Mildura Swimming club for hosting a great carnival. We will definitely be back again next year!

Our swimmers excelled finishing the day with 108 Personal best times, 63 SA Country Qualifying times, 30 SA State Qualifying times, JX Qualifying times to Gold standard, 28 Gold medals, 17 Silver medals, 25 Bronze medals, 2 Swimmer of the Meet trophies and a very exciting second place in the dash for cash.

Well done everyone on your individual results.

Zahra Cawley – 6 PB’s, Blue JX, 3 Country Qualifying times, 1 State Qualifying time, 1 Gold and 2 Bronze

Austin Clavel – 2 PB’s, 9 Country Qualifying times, 1 State Qualifying time, 9 Gold, 2nd Dash for Cash and 15 & Over Swimmer of the Meet.

Cohen Clavel – 9 PB’s, Gold JX, 10 Country Qualifying times, 10 State Qualifying times, 8 Gold, 2 Silver and 14 & Under Swimmer of the Meet.

Eamon Clavel – 5 PB’s, Bronze JX, 4 Country Qualifying times, 2 State Qualifying times, 1 Bronze

Patrick Dall’Armi – 1 PB, Blue JX, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze

James Dall’Armi – 4 PB’s

Archer Millard – 2 PB’s

Jack Millard – 3 PB’s, Blue JX, 10 Country Qualifying times, 7 State Qualifying times, 4 Gold, 1 Silver and 3 Bronze

Tahlia Millard – 3 PB’s, Blue JX

Fletcher Pascoe – 6 PB’s, Blue JX, 2 Country Qualifying times, 1 State Qualifying time, 1 Bronze

Oscar Shoobridge – 8 PB’s, Blue JX, 4 Country Qualifying times, 1 State Qualifying time, 1 Gold and 3 Bronze

Farrah Smith – 7 PB’s, 3 Country Qualifying times, 1 State Qualifying time, 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze

Sienna Speechley – 1 Country Qualifying time and 4 Silver

Molly Sultana – 7 PB’s, Blue JX, 5 Country Qualifying times, 1 Gold, 3 Silver, 2 Bronze

Ben Victory – 5 PB’s and 2 Bronze

Mackenzie Victory – 7 PB’s

Willow Victory – 6 PB’s

Harry Walsh – 5 PB’s and 2 Gold

Oliver Walsh – 10 PB’s, Bronze JX, 9 Country Qualifying times, 6 State Qualifying times, 1 Gold, 2 Silver and 5 Bronze

Esther Wenham – 6 PB’s, 3 Country Qualifying times and 3 Bronze

Nate Winders – 6 PB’s and 3 silver

Amongst these great results, we had Ben Victory, Nate Winders and Archer Millard who all took to the pool for their first official carnival and absolutely did the Stingrays proud.

We also had swimmers setting and achieving goals which is so fantastic to see. Most importantly we all walked out of the carnival at the end of the day with smiles on our faces and our heads held high.

Thank you to all of the parents who helped out on the day with time keeping, marshalling and supervision of our swimmers. We couldn’t do it without you!

Congratulations everyone on your amazing results and fantastic BHA behaviour. You made us all very proud as always.

We look forward to doing it all again this weekend at the Silver City Sizzler where we will have more than 40 swimmers competing in over 300 races.

Keep up the great work BHA.

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