8-Ball Open Champs get the ball rolling

The Broken Hill 8-Ball Association continues a busy season, with the 2023 Open Championships on at the Rising Sun Hotel on Saturday July 22.

The Ladies Open Championship will be held the following Saturday at the same venue and at the same time, from 12.30pm.

Last year, Aaron Williams defeated his father, Glenn Williams, 5-1 in a grand-final battle in the Open Championship, while Rachel Mason defeated Jo Argent 4-1 in the Ladies Open Championship.

The upcoming Open isn’t the only event on the Association’s calendar, with the annual Tri City Carnival to be held in Mildura on August 12 and 13.

Player nominations for Broken Hill’s Tri City teams closed last weekend. Selected teams will be announced by the Association later this week.

The Tri City Carnival is an annual 8-ball competition, where players from Broken Hill, Sunraysia, and the South Australian Riverland region compete against each other for the Tri City Cup.

Broken Hill last hosted the carnival in 2019, and took part in the carnival in the Riverland last year.

The traditional Tri City Friday Night Knockout will once again be held at the Mildura Lawn Tennis Club Rooms, with two separate competitions taking place.

A $50-per-entry elite competition, with a maximum of 16 entries and a first-to-three finish will begin at 7pm, with a $600 cash prize for first place, and $200 for second place.

A $20-per-entry open competition, consisting of a maximum of 32 entries and a first-to-two finish, also begins at 7pm, with a $300 cash prize for first place, $150 for second, and $50 each for third and fourth. Separate prizes of $50 will be handed to the best lady and best junior in this knockout.

Secretary of the local 8-Ball Association, Alex Graham, can be contacted for more information by messaging the Broken Hill 8-Ball Association Facebook page, or you can email him at [email protected]

This year’s Open Championship begins at 12.30pm on Saturday, July 22, and is open to all members of the 8-Ball Association. There’s an entry fee of $10 and the format will be round robin in groups, with the top eight playing a knockout final.

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