Bridge Club’s Fresh Start

The Broken Hill Bridge Club will commence its beginners’ course next Tuesday, October 24 at 7pm. The first lesson is free, and the course is run by Terry Capper, an exceptional teacher who, according to the association’s President, Gigi Barbe, ensures new players thoroughly enjoy the game.

Bridge is an internationally recognised card game that uses a standard 52-card deck. It is played by four players in two competing partnerships, who are seated opposite each other around a table.

Ms Barbe, who has served as the club’s President for the past two years and joined approximately six years ago, said, “I did not know how to play Bridge when I joined, so I started learning about the game and was quickly hooked!”

“The game can be very addictive,” she added.

In Broken Hill, Bridge can be played either socially or competitively. Competitive games are held at 7 pm on Monday nights, while social games take place on Fridays during the day and on Sunday afternoons at 2.30 pm.

“Whether it’s for competition or just for fun, we play in a lovely social environment, and during our social games on Fridays, we even have lunch together,” Ms Barbe mentioned.

The history of Bridge in Broken Hill is quite intriguing. The sport began informally when groups would gather and play at Mulga Hill Tavern many years ago. After the Croquet Club in Broken Hill was disbanded, the Bridge Club was officially formed and took up residence at Sturt Park.

This year, the club received a $13,000 NSW Community Building Partnership Program Grant. As a result, the club is a “lovely venue to play in; it’s comfortable, it’s air-conditioned, it has a kitchen, and it is used by other social groups,” noted a proud Ms Barbe.

Community groups such as Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts, Scrabble groups, and other tabletop game circles also utilise the facility. Ms Barbe emphasised that community groups interested in using the premises can contact her for more information.

For those interested in attending this Tuesday’s beginners’ course, Ms Barbe can be reached via text at 0479 163 739 or via email at [email protected].

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