Bre Candidate puts Environment a priority

Ngemba woman and Green’s Party candidate for Parkes, Trish Frail

Ngemba woman and Green’s Party candidate for Parkes, Trish Frail, says that she believes the decline of environmental health in the district in recent years will have a lot of people looking for a change from the long held National Party seat.

“Farmers really know what is happening to the land and they see it, they are more inclined now to look elsewhere to vote.”

“People have lost a lot of faith in the Nationals; I think a lot of people will be inclined to vote for the Greens, who have proper policies about the environment and climate change.”

Ms Frail said that Government has yet to address and acknowledge the major issues on communities that years of a dry river system has caused to people living in regional areas.

“Our river was horrific, our land, all the dust storms they were so thick.”

“People are only seeing the crisis of the fires and the floods, but they are not acknowledging the crisis of the drought and what we went through.”

Ms Frail said that housing, health, and climate change are some of the issues at the forefront, not only for Brewarrina and Parkes, but are “the major issues, regardless of where you go in Australia.”

“I will be really pushing, for more suitable housing because some of the houses they still build out here are not suitable for the environment or for our families or weather.”

“We don’t want to just look at the houses, we need to make sure they are suitable for us. If we are looking at big families, we need to make sure the houses are suitable for big families.”

Ms Frail said that Towns like Brewarrina need more good policies, programs, and strategies of how to overcome all forms of addiction to become a healthy thriving community.

“Alcohol, drugs, gambling and greasy food all of that comes down to addictive personality”

“If you look at the stats here in Bre, the amount that is gambled as opposed to the money earned is unbelievable.”

“Now people don’t even go to the pokies, but they are still gambling at home on the internet.”

“It is a major problem that we all need to come together and develop some strategies at how to address these issues.”

Ms Frail said that she hopes her candidacy and voice encourages more women to engage with politics and help address some of the women’s issue that are only recently beginning to be recognised in politics.

“I love being a female doing this, so many of our women’s issues have not been addressed out here.”

“A lot has been shown in the last few months about how women are being treated in Parliament”

“We need strong women to be voted in, women who can give a voice in Parliament, I know I am a strong woman with a strong voice.”

Ms Frail said that the size of the Parkes electorate, and her “shoestring budget” has presented challenges in having as many “meet and greet opportunities” as the major party candidates.

“It is a really big electorate, what I am trying to do is do a lot of stuff on social media and that is really the only way I can do it at this stage.”

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