Big Sky Stories’ fundraiser

Big Sky Stories will be holding a fundraiser next month as the local bookstore looks to expand its work to make a difference in the lives of children, young people, and their families in Far West NSW through stories, books, and creative arts projects and workshops.

Speaking to the Truth, Big Sky Stories’ Co-Director, Jane Vaughan said the money raised on Saturday, March 2 at The Old Brewery will go towards projects including enhancing its space along Argent St and making sure more children and families have access to the available resources.

“Some of the funds will be used as core funding to help us keep providing the services that we already do as a not-for-profit. We sell books in our specialist children’s bookshop, but there are wider costs involved in terms of the space that we rent,” Ms Vaughan said.

“Some of the funding would be used to keep our bigger space going that we have available for families, for children, for caregivers to come at any point during the day, to sit, to be surrounded, and to use books and puppets and language stimulating toys to spend time together in that kind of talking, playing, imaginative space.

“We’re hoping there are a couple of projects that we might be able to kick off this year as well. One of those being to support some more local play groups in town, like providing books for some of the children that might not necessarily have access to books, and we’d like to be able to contribute to supporting books going into their homes from their playgroup experiences as well.

“We’ve also started employing a part-time person to help with the work that we’re doing so bringing on more people always brings on more costs, and we’re also hoping to travel a little bit more across the Far West this year and to take the things that we are passionate about – language and literacy and the creative arts – to children and families who are a little bit further afield from Broken Hill.

“Part of it is also wanting to say thanks to the people that support us already, but maybe it’s also an opportunity for people who haven’t met us yet or don’t quite know very much about us to come along and to hear about that, but to also be a part of the work that we are trying to do.”

The Big Sky Stories 2024 Fundraiser Dinner Dance includes a two-course meal and lucky door prizes. A silent auction will also take place – both at the event and online, with more details to come.

Music on the night will be provided by award-winning singer-songwriter and guitarist Peter Smith, who’s coming all the way from Griffith to perform.

“It’s really lovely that as soon as Peter heard we were thinking about doing a fundraiser, he was very keen to offer his skills and his talent,” Ms Vaughan said of The Glentones’ lead singer.

“He’s quite well known down in the Griffith area, especially if you like a little bit more old school rock and roll. He is really skilled at playing in a way that gets people up, gets people moving, gets people involved. It shouldn’t be a night where there’s too much sitting down!

“Brendan [Barlow, The Old Brewery Owner] has also been really wonderful and keen to support us in this fundraiser and support us to enable us to keep going as well. It’s been very much thanks to Brendan we can do this fundraiser.”

Bookings are essential, with tickets ($85) available to purchase via Patrons are expected to arrive from 6.30pm for a 7pm start to the 18+ event on Saturday, March 2 at The Old Brewery (81 Buck St).

PICTURE: River Stamp (3) delights in reading at Big Sky Stories, the local bookstore set to host a fundraiser next month aimed at supporting children and families in Far West NSW through literary and creative arts initiatives. KIRBI STAMP

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