BH Cemetery – “Breaks your bloody heart”

The 100-acre Broken Hill Cemetery is an important part of the city’s heritage – it was dedicated in 1889 and the Rakow Street final resting place is a valuable record of the history and diversity of Broken Hill’s early mining community.

It gives both locals and people from away a unique insight into the Silver City and its surrounding regions.

But today many of the graves are overrun with weeds and that’s made local Don Clark very unhappy indeed.

“It just breaks your bloody heart,” Mr. Clark told the Barrier Truth.

“It used to be all cleaned up, but now it is just a bloody disgrace.”

We went to the cemetery to investigate Mr. Clark’s claims and found many of the graves were, indeed, covered with weeds.

Broken Hill Cemetery Coordinator Adam Commons told us the cemetery has just two full-time maintenance workers who are responsible for all duties. A big ask for an area of over 100 acres.

“We are actively spraying the weeds, but it is a big area to cover,” Mr. Commons told us.

Along with the two full time maintenance workers, the cemetery also gets help from Broken Hill Community Corrections three times a week, along with Tidy Towns helping where they can.

“People are welcome to come and maintain their loved one’s grave sites, too,” Mr Commons said.

Mayor Tom Kennedy told us Council and management were well of the issue and were working with a volunteer group to help get the problem under control.

“We are in the process of putting something together with the volunteer group.”

“It’ll take a small army,” he said, but it looks like the issue is about to get some serious attention.

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