Barrier Truth delivers news on a plate

Here at the Barrier Truth we’re committed to producing a quality twice-weekly newspaper for Broken Hill and surrounds, so much so we’re investing in new world-class print technology.

Unlike most regional newspapers, we still print on site and deliver the newspaper across the town using our own in-house team.

And now we’ve invested in a brand-new high-tech plate-making process which etches the image of a newspaper page onto thin aluminium plates and pages, with colour photos or type.

Robin Sellick, General Manager of the Barrier Truth, said the investment in new equipment was vital to the ongoing rebuilding of the iconic publication after COVID-19 nearly spelt disaster for the paper.

“We’re growing our team, investing in new equipment and building strength back into the business, so Broken Hill people can have confidence in their newspaper into the future.


“The new plate maker is world’s best technology. It uses no chemicals and the aluminium plates are recyclable, so it also helps with our environmental credentials

“It puts the Barrier Truth back at the forefront of print quality and production techniques,” Mr Sellick said.

The $80,000 machine is able to cut plate production by half, taking the time it takes to produce a plate from 10 minutes to five minutes each.

And for the technical among you, it uses an infra-red laser system, utilising a thermal diode, which writes an invisible image onto the aluminium, then the image is activated with an emulsion that is pre-coated onto the plates.

This replaces the current machine that uses ink and chemicals to produce the image on the plate, so there are no consumables required except for the aluminium plate itself which is 100% recyclable.

Andrew Dunn, from AGS, who supply the machine, said the plates and subsequent image produced are the highest quality available in the world.

“The cost of the new plates is much cheaper than the old plates and there is also no cost for the ink and the chemicals, so the cost reduction is significant,” he says.

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