Banner Poles or just not heritage

Argent Street’s new upgrade catching some rays. PICTURES: EVE-LYN KENNEDY

The new banner poles are finally making their mark in Argent Street.

The banners will feature large alternating banners, lighting and a heritage motif and have the capacity for Wi-Fi, audio and CCTV to be added later.

“The banners will add some real colour and vibrancy to the main street and allow Council and local groups to promote major events or other important initiatives,” Broken Hill City Council Chief Executive Officer Jay Nankivell said.

Friday morning, the banners appeared with a nod to Broken Hill being a heritage town.

The banners will be installed along Argent Street and extend into Bromide, Sulphide, Chloride and Oxide Streets.


As yet the banners are still not completed but will progress as time and traffic allow.

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