Bad start to the year for cars

burnt out car

Multiple cars were broken into and damaged this week in Broken Hill.

The Red Earth Motel was sadly the site of multiple car break-ins early Friday morning.

Manager of Red Earth, Lindsay Dally says three or more cars had their windscreens smashed and items stolen from the vehicles between 2:35 and 3am.

“It’s a real blow to the business after losing so much to COVID and then finally tourists are returning to Broken Hill and this happens,” she said.

Ms Dally explained the tourists are also recovering from COVID and are out here for a holiday and to have this happen to them is just dreadful, it doesn’t help Broken Hill tourism.


She said there were two people caught on camera trying to break into the front office of the business and when they couldn’t do that, they attacked the vehicles.

“They both had gloves and masks and seemed to be very well organised,”

She has reported the break-ins to police and has posted on Facebook for any assistance from people who may have security footage or dashcam recordings of the area at the time.

“If you have recordings please contact us or the police,” she said.

Another car was stolen and torched in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The vehicle was a four-door ute allegedly stolen by two young men caught on security footage after the event.

The car was stolen, driven to Williams Lane near Brookfield Avenue and then torched.

It was the second car stolen in the first week of January 2022.

Police said it’s very important that people secure their cars and keys.

It’s also important not to leave valuables in cars or where they can be easily seen.

Any assistance you can offer to the police would be greatly appreciated.

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