Australian Floodplain Association looking for members

There’s a lot of talk and much continuing controversy over the issue of Flood Plain Harvesting and how it should be managed.

The organisation opened its doors in 2006 and is primarily aimed at those living within the Northern Murray-Darling Basin.

According to the AFA, the group “cares deeply about the health of the Basin rivers, their floodplains, and the communities they sustain, and strives for equitable use of the valuable water resource”.

They are looking for new members and they describes themselves as a diverse group of people, including floodplain graziers, irrigators, dryland graziers, horticulturists, Traditional Owners and community groups who, says the AFA, all understand that healthy rivers mean healthy communities.

Main aims of the organisation are:

  • To provide government with an alternate, broader, and more comprehensive rural community view on water management than just that of the irrigation industry
  • To advocate for fair and equitable use of water across the Murray Darling and Lake Eyre Basins, thus ensuring:
  • the voice of downstream communities is heard
  • rivers, associated ecosystems and communities are not irretrievably damaged by a lack of understanding by politicians and the water management agencies they oversight.
    Some of the outcomes the group wants to achieve include:
  • meaningful end of system water flow targets via proper connectivity within and between Water Sharing Plans
  • simple and meaningful first flush rules after a drought
  • sensible Flood Plain Harvesting rules and Water Sharing Plans that support a balanced use of the available water.

The people they would like to see join are described as anyone with an interest in healthy rivers and healthy communities which could include people who are floodplain and wetland landowners,

Indigenous groups, shire councils, local businesses, local groups, and any member of rural and remote communities, “who have a passion for our river systems and the long-term sustainability of the valuable water resource,” they say.

The AFA claims it is estimated that irrigated agriculture represents just under 2% of land use in the Murray Darling Basin but has a disproportionate say in water management because it produces about 40% of agricultural profit from such a small area.

“The views of other land managers and communities in the remaining 98% of the basin who produce 60% or more of agricultural profit must be put to government”, says an AFA spokesperson, “and this is the role the AFA sees that it plays.”

To join the AFA or for more information, contact a committee member listed here:

A voting Membership is $50, and a non-voting membership $20.

Justine McClure President [email protected]
Graeme McCrabb Vice President [email protected]
Stuart Le Lievre Vice President [email protected]
Sarah Moles Secretary [email protected]
Rory Treweeke AM Committee Member [email protected]
Howard Jones Committee Member [email protected]
John Doohan Committee Member [email protected]
Brian Harcourt Committee Member [email protected]

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