Aussie Rockers waste no days

The Rubens’ Sam Margin, Elliott Margin, Zaac Margin, Scott Baldwin, and William Zeglis will be playing tomorrow night at the Broken Hill Civic Centre. PICTURE: JAMES SIMPSON

Australian rock five-piece The Rubens will be playing at the Broken Hill Civic Centre this Sunday 20th March as part of their ‘Waste A Day Tour’.

The band, who are currently on an extensive tour after the release of the #1 ARIA-charting album 0202, say that going regional is their favourite way to perform.

Lead singer Sam Margin said that the band has played a lot of regional shows in the past but that the band is excited to be playing in locations that they have, for the most part, never had the chance to visit.

“It’s our favourite way to tour Australia now to go regional, you are with a bunch of your mates, in a tour van you might drive for hours each day, but you stop at a pub in the middle of nowhere and have a beer and schnitty.”

Midnight Oil and Hunters and Collectors and all those bands back in the day put their stuff in a truck and would find a stage anywhere and go on tour.”

Mr Margin said 10 years of playing shows and being on the radio has helped the band have enough exposure that people may have at least heard the name if not the music.

“If people see there is a show on at their town hall, they might say, ‘I think I have heard of them’.

“I think that’s all you really need. It’s a little bit of familiarity, which goes a long way.”

Mr Margin said that bands will often only play six shows in Australia, whereas it is common and easy to play 40 shows when touring in the United States.

“There is no reason why you can’t do that in Australia. I know a lot of other bands are starting to realise that, that it doesn’t just have to be the major cities.”

Mr Margin said that having a great crew and being good friends has helped The Rubens be able to survive 10 years.

“We are lucky that the three of us are brothers, so we can get along fine. It would get super boring If we didn’t have Scotty and Will in the band, they help create a new dynamic.”

You can catch Sam Margin, Elliott Margin, Zaac Margin, Scott Baldwin, and William Zeglis tomorrow at the Broken Hill Civic Centre.

Tickets can be purchased at:

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