Artist Illuminates Mundi Mundi Plains

Meagan Streader developing her site responsive work at Mundi Mundi Plains (Credit-Hester Lyon)

Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery artist in residence Meagan Streader will be showcasing her latest work ‘Illimitable’ across the Mundi Mundi plains this weekend.

Ms Streader said the project came about in response to the sun and the immense qualities of light that can be experienced across the Mundi Mundi Plains.

“The work signifies the sun and the idea of an infinite landscape which can be experienced from the Mundi Mundi lookout”

“I am attempting to reference and interact with the ‘presence’ or ‘trace’ of the sun’s light across the landscape, within the town and mining structures around Broken Hill and Silverton region.”

Ms Streader said despite some references from popular films she did not know what to expect when coming out to the region.


“The vast openness of the dry flat landscape, the sun and the light out here – it’s all incredibly mesmerising to me.”

“I knew I wanted to work with the landscape, but when I first came here it was a bit of an information and history overload, there was just so much to see and learn about Broken Hill.”

The work Illimitable which is on display this weekend invites visitors to engage with the work as it responds to the medley of changing colours as the sun sets across the plains.

“The work can be experienced just before and after sunset, natural light will interact with and reflect off the pieces as the sun is setting, and viewers are invited and encouraged to use their own torchlight/phone lights to continue the experience of the work after sunset”

“Visitors who engage with the work can take flash photos of the work and experience the intense reflectivity of the installation through the photograph or walk through slowly with their torches held near to their eyes to get the full brightness of the work reflecting back at them.”

Ms Streader who works primarily with light as a medium said that she finds the immersive qualities of the medium allow her to create spaces that effect the physical experience beyond the visual.

“Light is a medium that has highly transformative and sensory qualities, it can affect mood, be immersive or minimal, can be subtle or blinding, effecting physical experiences beyond sight, tricking the mind and body into feeling a range of sensations.”

You Can see Ms Streader’s work from Thursday, April 14 until Sunday, April 17 at the Mundi Mundi Lookout, Silverton. Best viewed between 5pm-8pm. A neon text designed in conjunction with the larger work at Mundi Mundi will also be on display at the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery Pop-Up Shop.

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