Artful bargains await

The Broken Hill Art Exchange

The Broken Hill Art Exchange will host a Community Garage Sale on Thursday, November 16 from 4pm to 8pm. But it won’t be your regular garage sale. With new innovations and by inviting all manner of stallholders to share and sell their work, it’s hoped this first-time event will grow in the future.

“I remember when I came to Broken Hill and this friend took me to garage sales, and the thing was to get up early, buy the paper, and start making a plan of where to go first. It was such an excitement, but this has really changed a lot,” Nieves Rivera, member of the Art Exchange, told us.

“That’s mainly because people are advertising on Facebook and all that. There is a loss for the people that used to do that on the Saturday. It is nostalgic. I think that’s important to acknowledge.”

The time the garage sale will set up and run, during a weekday, is a concerted effort to encourage more people to attend. The hope is those looking for a bargain come by after work, or alternatively, before Petrichor’s mini music festival that night.

“I suggested to do it in the afternoon. And another thing was to do it not on a weekend, because we’re getting close to Christmas and is there are commitments, and you can only do so much,” Ms Rivera said.

“The main thing with this garage sale, is that it’s going to be on a Thursday from 4pm to 8pm. Still plenty of time for people who are working, especially in town to come down and just see what what’s available.”

Being all about art, those running the event are also wishing local artists get involved should they wish to showcase and promote their work and talents, giving them an opportunity to book a spot at the event, while also encouraging anyone with items to sell, to get involved.

“It’s not the typical garage sale, but it will be a combination of whatever people want to sell. You really don’t know what people will come with, I think that’s a fantastic space, and the atmosphere is community building. I do hope that more like this will come in the coming year.”

In addition to a $10 stall fee at the Community Garage Sale, stallholders must be a member of the Broken Hill Art Exchange. A form will be available for bookings and payment, with the Art Exchange contactable on 08 8088 4698 or to contact Ms Rivera, dial 0408 235 151.

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