Rural Leadership Program applications extended

Applications are now open for the in-depth Course 31 of the Australian Rural Leadership Program (ARLP).

This thirtieth instalment of the program will run for the next 14 months.

“The ARLP has been at the forefront in developing the leadership required across rural, remote and regional Australia and is looking to recruit the next cohort of leaders to continue this legacy,” a spokesperson from the ARLF told us.

The program runs for 15 months, and allows 35 leaders from diverse backgrounds and industries to engage in a raft of experiences, both face-to-face, and online.

Peer-to-peer mentoring is also available and provided across the program, which connects participants with recognised leaders throughout the country.

There will be four face-to-face sessions in addition to online sessions and independent project work.

Those face-to-face sessions are to be held on June 10-21 and October 15-24, 2024, and also April 6-11 and August 19-28, 2025; albeit those dates might change in the future.

Due to the nature of the program, the spokesperson said the program, “is a big commitment. There’s so much to run through, and we need your time, focus, and commitment to deliver the content in a meaningful way.

“You’ll need to be able to commit to 15 months of sessions, which will take place across Australia and overseas.

“Speak with your family and your employer before you apply because they need to understand exactly the commitment you’re making and be supportive of the time you’ll be investing.”

Local business owner Michael McIvor, took course 27 of the program and told the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation, “prior to the ARLP, I just didn’t have the skills for the values-based leadership that I do now. I interact differently with stakeholders as the ARLP has taught me you don’t have courage without vulnerability”.

“It’s already having an impact in my team and my business. This ability to lead but ensure everyone is involved and coming along with you,” he added.

Applications close on Sunday, July 16, and applicants can find further information at

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