Double demerits from Friday midnight

ANZAC Day safe driving Broken Hill

Double demerits come into force this Friday at midnight and run through until the end of ANZAC Day, with increased traffic likely as school holidays and commemorative events unfold.

NSW Minister for Police and Counter Terrorism, Yasmin Catley, has called for drivers to honour ANZAC Day by ensuring safe travel on the roads.

“ANZAC Day is about honouring our wonderful armed forces and veterans, so we want everyone to arrive safely,” Minister Catley said.

“In the spirit of ANZAC Day, let’s show comradery and look out for each other on our roads by slowing down, driving to the conditions, being patient, and not driving under the influence.”

Police will be targeting high-risk behaviours – excessive speed, alcohol and drug driving offences, illegal use of mobile phones, and failure to wear seatbelts. Fatigue has been identified as a major contributor to road crashes, with Acting Assistant Commissioner Tracy Chapman urging drivers to plan their trips carefully, take breaks, and avoid driving when tired.

“Fatigue is a major contributor to road crashes, but police cannot take action against fatigue in the same way we would enforce something like speeding, so we have to rely on the public to do the right thing,” Assistant Commissioner Chapman said.

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