Alma Public celebrates the summer school holidays

Alma Public School

Alma Public School students and staff celebrated their final week of school for the year in an array of colour as they went head-to-head in the school’s annual Teachers Vs Students sporting event.

The southside school ground was buzzing with exciting events last week including the popular colour fun run, some teacher sliming, and their annual teachers versus students sporting event.

A spokesperson for Alma Public told the Barrier Truth that, “the colour fun run was selected by the school’s SRC [student representative council] and was a massive hit!”

“Competition was fierce during the annual teachers versus students sporting event with the roster including league tag, tee-ball, basketball, and netball.

“After a jaw clenching loss by the teachers in the first two events, they [teachers] clawed their way back to an acceptable draw by winning both netball and basketball.”

The Barrier Truth team would like to wish all school staff and students from around the Broken Hill region a very safe and merry Christmas.

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