Airport’s 2042 vision

The Broken Hill Airport Draft Master Plan was adopted at Council’s November meeting, guiding the plans, proposals, and improvements to the city’s aeronautical hub for the next 20 years to 2042.

Renewing the previous Master Plan from 2008, the new documentation addresses new infrastructure requirements, as well as ensuring a focus on the mining and industry resurgence, ongoing tourism development, airside aviation land development, and freehold landside development for much-needed industrial and commercial land development.

“It’s been about 18 months’ worth of work working with the consultants, working with all the stakeholders within the community and around the community, and then going back and forth with Council but we do have a Master Plan that we can actually start to implement now”, Broken Hill City Council General Manager Jay Nankivell said.

Mayor Tom Kennedy said documents like these are not just important to the community, but important to sell to outside of the city, with the laid-out plans signifying a want for bigger jets that gives others greater ability to move their operations to Broken Hill.

“What people need to understand is the Master Plan is a working document for what we want to see happen out at the airport, and we want to see the runway strengthened so that we can get bigger jets,” he said.

“But what’s really important is that [the] document’s also read by many other organisations. Mining companies, film companies, manufacturing companies, they read it and see the Council or the Broken Hill community’s going in the right direction.”

Among the first lot of upgrades to be completed as per the Master Plan is Stage 1’s committed works, which involve the apron expansion project to be completed by June 2024. Funded by the state government last year, the $10 million upgrade will allow for an additional two larger aircraft, with the hope of having room for 737s.

“The aprons and taxiways already have got someone to develop the design work. Once that design work’s done, you then put it out to tender and the work starts really quickly. Council’s been in preliminary talks with different groups anyway, so it will happen quite quickly once those designs are done”, Mayor Kennedy said.

An RFDS apron resheet and Taxiway Bravo resheet and refurbishment will also form part of Stage 1.

Stage 2 will cover the first five years of the Master Plan to 2027 covering both direct aviation works and non-aviation commercial works. These will include further runway and taxiway strengthening, apron and taxiway resheets, terminal expansion and refurbishment, car parking improvements and extensions, and a new airport entry roundabout.

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