Dwyer Building tackles housing crisis one home at a time

In a world seemingly beset by crises just at the moment, one business is determined to make a difference.

Kyle Dwyer, who runs construction and building business Dwyer Building Group (DBG), told the Truth, “home ownership is often looked at as though it is unachievable and expensive for first home buyers, or anyone really. The truth is that home ownership is quite achievable and easy, and oftentimes, cheaper than buying an existing home,” Mr Dwyer says.

His business specialises in building new homes from start to finish, to jointly address the local housing crisis, as well as provide an affordable option to Broken Hill locals wishing to build and those battling the cost-of-living crisis.

DBG not only builds the properties, but manages all the council permits and approvals, engineering, planning and design, “right up to handing the keys over,” he says.

Mr Dwyer believes his business can complete the task from start-to-finish because they are, “a local business, being run by people who have grown up in Broken Hill, educated themselves and gained their qualifications here, and know the market and people here”.

The Broken Hill Community Credit Union, Mr Dwyer says, has allowed many of his clients to finance the builds. He says the Credit Union has made the process easier and faster for their clients, and has been easier to work with than many of the big banks.

Recently Mr Dwyer’s business completed a four-bedroom home of 280 square meters with a double garage and brick walls for $410,000.

“Broken Hill homes with an extension, either a bedroom, or more added onto the existing structure, generally cost more than a new home, and still will be an old home with problems,” he added.

Tapping into a strong local market, Mr Dwyer says he has built homes for between $120,000 and $650,000, ranging from granny flats to large family homes, “so we can cater to pretty much everyone with what their requirements are”.

Whether a client adopts one of DBG’s floor plans and designs or a custom design, “we can almost always design the plans to include what the client is after,” he says.

Broken Hill’s very first display home had been built by DBG to allow potential clients to physically see different floorplans, materials, and quality of workmanship.

A new home in Brookfield Ave has been completed, and another new home is being built in Comstock St.

Plans for further homes are either awaiting a build, approval from the Council, or will soon be submitted to Council for approval.

“The goal of the business is to bring the dream of home ownership closer to the Broken Hill community, whether they are first home buyers, an established family looking to upgrade, or an older couple looking to downsize,” Mr Dwyer said.

“I want to show the community that we can do this in an affordable way, because we understand how hard it is to get into the property market right now, and we also know how much everyone is struggling to pay their rent and their bills.”

With DBG approaching 10 years in business in 2025, Mr Dwyer encourages potential clients, and those who are seeking more information, to contact him at [email protected], or on his office mobile at 0448 537 998.

For more information go to to look at DBG’s floor plans, designs, previous builds and to submit enquiry forms.

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