Adult Learners Week is every week at the library

Broken Hill City Library is celebrating Adult Learners Week this week, which is celebrated across Australia between September 1 to 8, and this year’s theme is Connect with Learning.

The focus is on discovery, connection and exploration through learning.

According to Jessica Picken, Programs Officer at the Broken Hill Library, the library has specific programs for adults.

Library workers can help people learn how to use their modern technology such as smartphones, iPads, tablets, laptops and desktops to help them connect with others and the world via their devices.

Jessica also explained adults can have a free adult literacy tutor to help them learn how to read and write through the library, as well as simply helping people improve their language skills.

A spokesperson for Adult Learners Week said, “some people feel unsure about returning to education. Still, there’s no need because there are so many different and engaging ways to return to learning”.

“Flexible adult education programs help people to build new skills and knowledge and also live more fulfilling lives,” the spokesperson said.

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