A stitch in time will save the knitting club’s decline

COVID-19 restrictions decimated the local Knit and Yarn group that meets at the Broken Hill City Library.  

The Knit and Yarn group met for about six years before COVID.

At its peak, the group had about thirty regular members that came and laughed, knitted, chatted and enjoyed morning tea together.

“Some have moved, some have died, some have gone to the nursing home, some left town, and some the time doesn’t suit,” Shirley Brown said.

Ms Scown showed a photo of the group as it was before COVID with twenty-five women.


“As you can see, we’ve lost a few,” she said.

A spokesperson for the library said the decline in numbers happened post-COVID.

“We couldn’t have groups here for a while and have only recently re-established the group,” the library’s spokesperson said.

“We started knitting for charity, but that got boring, so we started knitting our own projects. People can knit for charity if they want,” Beth Scown said.

The group wanted the community to know that everyone is welcome (even if you listen to heavy metal or country music and like knitting you are welcome).

The group meets at the Broken Hill City Library between 10am and 11:30am on Friday mornings.

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