A cracker of a market on Perilya Green

Miah enjoyed socialising on Sally Smith’s shoulder at idyllic Perilya Green PICTURE: NARDIA KEENAN

A crowd flocked to the south for the Broken Hill Community Markets on Perilya Green and it was the ‘real macaw.’

One-year-old Miah had a bird’s eye view from her owner’s shoulder and was quite a character.

When the imposing-looking parrot was told “Good Miah’ in a soft voice, she coyly placed her gigantic, clawed foot gently over Sally Smith’s ear.

Sally took Miah’s one-legged hug and hook-beaked kisses in her stride.

“With Andrew and I and my son, who’s at home, she’s sort of all over us,” said Sally.


Miah enjoys free flight inside the house and Sally does her normal activities, albeit sometimes with very intelligent company on her shoulder.

“She can say quite a few words,” said Sally.

“And she can actually undo nuts on her bird feeders.”

Miah’s beak is much bigger than a cocky’s and more destructive so wood needs to be hidden away.

“Child-proof your house because it’s like having a flying toddler in your house,” said Sally.

Sally popped on Miah’s lead and took her to the March 12 market to socialise her.

“I’m just getting her used to noises, different environments, birds, trees, people, everything,” said Sally.

There was a lot to take in for feathered, furry and human market-goers as 2 Dry FM pumped out 1980s tunes live from the soft lawn. The market was encircled by big, old trees and the aroma of Cora’s spring rolls.

Belinda O’Brienshaw preferred Perilya Green to the Community Centre.

“Coming out here today, it feels so much fresher,” she said.

“It feels less cocooned, like it used to be at the other market.

“You can see people happy and smiling.”

Jayne Hartney found the market spacious, clean and appealing for all generations.

“Initially, it just had a lovely feel,” she said.

“There are tables and chairs to encourage a family so I’m likely to bring my Mum out and when she gets tired she can sit down.”

“And the young kids can wander around.”

Eleven-year-old Piper Francis explored.

“There are a lot of people and it’s a really big area so it makes it really open and nice and there’s room for everybody,” she said.

“There’s a lot of stuff.

“It’s like everyone saved up just for this one market.”

Anne Thomas, was reminded of markets away.

“It’s out in the open in grassed areas and you feel you can take your time to walk around and you’re not bumping into other people because you’re so close to them,” she said.

“And the parking is better.”

Belinda tarried and chatted at Perilya Green.

“At the other markets, we’d walk around once and go ‘Oh, let’s go,’” said Belinda.

“There was nothing that was pretty about it.

“This is giving you a whole lot of loveliness.”

Miah agrees.

Contact Leah on 0436 329 499 about the April 9 market. Musical performers are welcome, especially with their own equipment.

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