A blackout just in time


The Broken Hill Bookshop, Broken Hill’s newest bookstore was meant to open Tuesday morning however the blackout in town stopped the opening.

New bookstore owner Jonathon Cooper said he was going to take the opportunity to open on Wednesday after the lack of electricity saw the postponement of the opening.

“As you can see we still have a bit to do but we will be open tomorrow for our first day of trading,” Mr Cooper said.

Mr Cooper said he had been in town for a while and last Christmas went to buy new books for his family and discovered there wasn’t a bookshop with new releases in town.

“I hadn’t come to town with the intention of opening a bookshop but I thought there was hole in the market and I decided to open one,” Mr Cooper said.

Mr Cooper has been working with Alison Lester, a famous childrens author in Australia, in the past and runs her online sales so he will be selling her books and beautiful prints as well as new releases, kids books and great holiday reads.

The official opening isn’t until March 26 when Alison Lester will come to town to help celebrate our newest bookshop in Broken Hill.

The bookshop is located at 373 Argent Street.

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