Norths defeated West at the Jubilee Oval

By Edith McGuire

Norths were on the go from the moment the whistle blew scoring a goal straight away.

Wests did kick a goal soon after but, hard as they tried, they stayed behind Norths for the rest of the game.

Despite being constantly ahead, North did have problems with their aim, not only kicking 16 behinds but also often missing the sticks completely.

Their aim picked up in the second half adding to their lead.

Wests unfortunately have not recovered from losing players at the beginning of the season and are still trying to build up their boys’ confidence.

Wests had two players debut for A grade, Cooper Burke and Jason Stewart.

The young fellows’ game was praised by Jamahl Carr from the West Football Club.

“The boys really stepped up,” he said.

West’s did do a couple of great plays with Cieslik, King and Sutton kicking along the left back pocket to wing and onto the front pocket but sealing the deal seemed that one step too far.

You could see West’s heart was there but they often fell short of their marks or their kicks were intercepted.

West’s best players were Jackson Savage, Michael Andruszkiewicz, Daniel Milne, Jayden Sutton, Liam King and Bryce Cieslik.

Norths on the other hand played a great game with their best players Adam Slattery, Luke Wells, Luke jones, Cohan Bates, Sam Micallef and Ash Wilson leading the way.

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