Ron and Liz were here 2022

By Danielle connolly

This Saturday, Ron and Liz Hill, owners of the popular local Outback Whips and Leather Store, will embark on an arduous yet exciting 10,500km round trip, spanning three States and four Agriculture shows.

The trip is momentous, it will be the most kilometres the couple have clocked up on a show circuit since establishing their business two decades ago.

Since its inception, Ron and Liz have nurtured their small business and transformed it into a retail store that many town folk and pastoralists have come to rely upon.

The duo pride themselves on delivering the local community with quality outback goods at an affordable price and have become much more than just your local retailers.

They are a friendly face when you open the door, they are reliable and they take pride in delivering a service that is accessible for all, including the remotest of bush communities.

It is from their desire and drive to service rural Australians, that their mobile store was born.

“We are very passionate about taking our products to the customer, that was our aim when we set up our business,” said Mrs Hill.

Their Hino truck and caravan set up, has capacity to carry thousands of products on the road and enables them to cater for a much wider audience.

Impressively, the duo have amassed a clientele from almost all Australian States.

“We have contracts with the local mines and ship products over to SA, WA and QLD,” explained Mrs Hill.

People love a bargain. People like to feel as though they are buying quality at a discounted price and that is exactly what Ron and Liz provide patrons through their mobile store.

“We use our mobile store as a bit of a discount outlet, we mark down past seasons clothes,” Mrs Hill explained.

“Most country clothing, the fabric might change, the colour might change but people don’t care whether it’s this years or last years.

“They get to purchase the quality they know and love just at a discounted price.”

For six consecutive years, Ron and Liz took their mobile store to the red centre’s ever popular Alice Springs show, where they’ve earned a reputation for retailing clothing at affordable prices.

In addition, Ron’s leatherwork had also become sought after and quite incredibly, for some time, Ron became known as Alice’s local saddler.

“I would get phone calls asking me to supply whips or repair a saddle from station owners in the territory,” Mr Hill remarked.

“They work on the basis that nothing is a hurry and it doesn’t matter if you send it back to them in three months time or take it back at next year’s show.

After a short break doing the show circuit, in part due to COVID, the pair are delighted to get back on the road.

Their journey will commence in Red Cliffs, VIC, where the couple have been residing for some years and take them some 1600km north-east to Emerald in QLD.

After many years heading straight to Alice Springs for their Agricultural show, the route is uncharted territory but they’re both incredibly excited to reach a new destination.

“Going up to Alice for many years, we know all of our camp spots and really now the route like the back of our hand,” said Mr Hill.

“It will be really interesting to see something new and get to a show we’ve never done before.

After exhibiting for the first time at the Emerald Ag-Grow 23rd – 25th June, they will head on to Alice Springs, NT where they will be reunited with friends and familiar faces for the show held on 1st – 2nd July.

On from here they will take the 1,700km trip to Kununurra on 8th – 9th July for the show which will celebrate its fiftieth anniversary.

This will be quite the honourable experience for Ron and Liz, as it was the committee who approached them to exhibit.

The last stop on their trip is the Katherine Show and Rodeo, held on 15th – 16th July.

After adding the Emerald Ag-Grow and Kununarra Show to their circuit this year, there is an element of the unknown, but ever the enthusiasts, Ron and Liz are keen to embrace that.

The chance to exhibit their retail and Ron’s leatherwork products to a fresh audience is welcomed by the pair and they’re mightily excited to once again hit the bitumen (and dirt) and make it a memorable four week trip.

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