Brendan Fevola, representing Central, leaps for a mark.

Central started kicking city end and the game swung back and forth in the first 5 minutes of the quarter. The tackling pressure from both teams was really good. The Fev had an early chance at goal, but the dribble kick was touched on the line.

The game continued to be played at a fierce pace, with both teams showing their pressure skills, until approximately the 15-minute mark when Central bobbed up and kicked the first goal of the game.

South replied within a matter of minutes with their first goal, Central’s defence looked strong, and they scored the next major. A fortunate loose ball in Central’s inside 50 allowed them to capitalise, scoring their 3rd major late in the quarter.
At quarter time, the score was Central 3.3 (21), South 1.2 (8)
Central’s defence held up as they continued to repel South’s offence. Fev got another chance to kick his first major for the game from a nice one-hander contested mark, but unfortunately, the Fev Train missed.

Central continued to work hard by pushing in behind South’s defence.

South had ample opportunities, but their kicking at goal was letting them down; their field kicking wasn’t at its best either. Mitchel Henderson bobbed up and slotted a major for South which kept the scoreboard pressure on Central. South continued to pepper the goals, eventually securing another two majors deep into the quarter, and were working noticeably harder than Central as the quarter wore on.

At Half Time: South 5.5 (35), Central 3.4 (22)
Central only mustered 1 point in the second term. Could they take it up to South in the second half? The answer was yes.

The Fev Train kicked the opening goal of the quarter and from there, the game seemed to go up a notch. South were getting on the outside of Central in the ground ball game, and they looked more attacking, trying to make the play; a bit more aggressive in their approach to moving the ball. Central kept attacking and when they kicked their second for the quarter, the momentum appeared to be with Central and with another major to the Fevalution. It was game on.

Central were not going to quit and with a never give in attitude, Central kicked another late in the quarter.

The game was set for an absolute ripper final term. Who would wrestle the momentum back; who wanted it more?

You could actually feel the tension out in the field of play as a spectator.

Central controlled the ball deep in defence early in the quarter, but they turned it over. South swooped and kicked a miracle goal from the pocket.

Was this the impetus for a South surge?

Shortly after, South kicked another major off the ground, which put them three points up. South continued to make the play, taking a few more risks by changing lanes, which changes angles. South pressed forward again and again, resulting in another major, putting them nine points in front. They were winning the centre clearances and the stoppages and the momentum had swung their way.

Central, though, weren’t done yet. Most of the play was in their forward half and they had opportunities, but their poor execution was killing them.

They kicked one major from their numerous attempts, which kept them in the game, but their inaccuracy was costing them.

South’s Mitchell Henderson made good on Central’s poor execution with an extremely good goal at the city end, deep into the last quarter, putting them 11 points clear, but Central would not give in and kicked one late in the quarter.

With about 30 seconds left on the clock, Central entered their forward 50 with another poor execution to Fev, which may have won them the game, but the siren sounded and South ran out winners by five points.

What a spectacle the game was. A tremendous day and great atmosphere. It didn’t really matter who won the game. Local football was the winner today.

Both teams should be applauded. Central, great effort in organising Jess Hosking and The Fev, and for putting on a great event. South, great effort in making the day a memorable one.

Umpires also did a great job and I must admit the Memorial Oval was the best I have seen it. Well done, ground staff.

Final Scores: South 11.9 (75) defeating Central 10.10 (70)
Best Players:
South – Henderson, Purcell, R Schorn, Wood.
Central – Devoy, Jory, Campbell, Reberger.
After game comments from the Coaches:
South’s Darren Smith: “Footy was the winner today.”
Central’s Greg Wellington: “Amazing day. Amazing experience.”

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