Mundi Mundi a smash

Tanya and Kelvin White from Orange

The Mundi Mundi Bash was a music festival and much more.


The promised tourists came through Broken Hill, spending up on their way to the Bash, partied hard at the Bash and then have raided the shops and cafes again on their way out.


The Mundi Mundi Bash camp was amazing.


The helicopter circled the area, continuously recording the vibe on the ground.


As you can see the caravans formed a semi circle around the stage area. The stage area had the mosh pit/dance area and then an arch of camp chairs around 50 metres deep.



A carnival-like atmosphere of food and art stalls was between the caravans and the stage area.


Behind the stage was the standard backstage scenario with cargo boxes full of necessary equipment and the towering support structure for the stage.


Behind the backstage area, there were numerous areas for press, administration, first aid, bands, volunteers, cooks and the other assorted groups that it took to actually run the festival.


Front of the stage, the bands rocked the crowds that at times seemed to go on forever.


Julie and Misty, the 17 and half-year-old dog, came from Bribie Island, Queensland, to attend the festival.


” We were a bit concerned when it was raining but we thought no, it will be all good and we’ve had a fantastic time,” she said.


Serena, an ex Broken Hill girl, and Phil from Wallaroo were first timers at a festival.


“We bought the tickets two years ago. It’s been a long wait but well worth it.”


“It’s been brilliant, I love Chocolate Starfish and he did the thing with Morgan Street School, so he’s great,” she said.


“The whole thing was awesome,” Phil added.


Martin and Brie are stallholders from Broken Hill.


It’s been absolutely magical, so much fun,”


“We’ve had a great time. We are absolutely coming back in August.”


Martin and Brie had their stall set up to sell their photos and behind the stall was their camp with a two person swag and other camping necessities.


“Everyone’s been camping in swags or tents or caravans it’s been a great mix,”


The stalls circled around the outer ring of the stage area, and people would walk around buying souvenirs when they weren’t watching the stage.


Tanya and Kelvin White travelled from Orange to attend the Bash and brought their bikes with them.


“We’ve done some k’s on them. We rode around to see all the cars and the caravans, to go to the loo, go to the bin just touring, it’s great to be able to get on and go around and see everything,” they said.


“We even took a break, hopped on a bus, and went into Silverton for a beer.”



Kelvin and Tanya both had the same definite favourite act, “Furnace and the Fundamentals were fantastic, they were the last act the other night and they were great,” he said.


David and Donna Shillingford and their grandson Jace had the best camping site at the festival. They were located directly in front of the stage, on the outer ring.


“We won the site on a radio station in Adelaide,” Donna said.


“It’s been a fantastic trip, well organised. The marshals looked after us.”


Their favourite performance was Mossy, “We just love him, “Donna said.

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