Stopped dead in their tracks. Wagons derailed in front of the Line of Lode.
By Otis Filley and Eve-lyn Kennedy

A number of train wagons were derailed on a Broken Hill rail siding after midnight on Tuesday March 22. A spokesperson for rail operator Aurizon, said that the “wagons were derailed during a shunt movement.”

The wagons were not travelling but being rearranged in the rail siding. The contents of the wagons were not able to be confirmed.

Aurizon is a large road and rail transporter of mining, metal, and agricultural products.

Aurizon said that there were no injuries in the incident.

“The recovery operation is underway. There has been no impact to mainline rail operations.”

The last notable derailment in Broken Hill occurred at 4am April 11, 2012. In that event, wagons were derailed and damaged 4 kilometres of the railway line between the Broken Hill Railway Station and the Menindee Road crossing.

The Broken Hill section of rail is part of the major intercontinental freight passage line as well as the Indian Pacific Passenger train.

Aurizon said that they were still investigating the cause of the most recent incident.

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